HARRRP is a non-profit, charitable organization that runs community centres in specific Hamilton neighbourhoods that provide free programs and services to help residents deal with the impact of poverty and other challenges. 

The north-end neighbourhoods we reach are “at-risk” in terms of income, health, school graduation, crime, housing, food security, etc.

Our primary Centre operates at 705 Main Street East. HARRRP also provides youth programs at Dr. Davey, Memorial schools and seniors programs from the Bennetto Rec. Centre.

We acquire secure and appropriate facilities at no or very low cost and then ask residents what they want “their” community centre to offer. HARRRP staff and volunteers collaborate with many partners to deliver what our neighbours want.

Programs in the community range from from Aikido to Seniors Tai-Chi, from Yoga to Pottery Classes, from YOUth Create to Community Kitchen. Our centres are safe and healthy places where people can meet in both structured and casual ways to help each other over the challenges of food, health, housing, legal, financial, employment, social, and other issues.

While HARRRP serves people of all ages, we place particular emphasis on youth because kids are both the most vulnerable and the highest potential members of our society. Helping young people to avoid trouble costs a little; trying to patch them back together once they have done themselves or others harm, costs a whole lot more.

Last year, we directly served more than 16,000 people and touched the lives of many others. Helping people grow in healthy ways and realize their potential is a long process, but it is worth it!