YOUth Create

YOUth Create is a no cost after school program for students of Dr. J. Edgar Davey Elementary and Memorial City School in Hamilton in grades 6, 7, and 8. It runs Monday – Friday 3pm-6pm from September to June.

YOUth Create places an emphasis on the Y-O-U in youth because it is self-directed by its participants. At the beginning of each school year, youth leaders will ask what the youth want to see and do in their programming. Suggestions have included trips to the ROM, Ontario Science Centre, Laser Tag, Aerosports Park Indoor Trampoline Gym, Bubble Soccer, and Emerald Lake to name a few. It has also included activities such as cooking, baking, mini Olympics, pajama day, and snow fort building competitions. Leader’s will take these suggestions and then implement them into the program schedule.

YOUth Create has three areas of focus for its program delivery which are based on Ontario’s After School Guidelines:

Physical Activity

Physical activities typically include team sports so that the children are not only getting active, but are learning about team building and social skill development.

Healthy Food Choices and Nutrition Education

Healthy food choices and nutrition education includes using our kitchen space at St. Peter’s HARRRP to teach the youth about how to cook delicious and healthy food.

Wellness and Personal Health Education

Wellness and personal health and education includes lessons on bullying and participating in the Pink Shirt Day, for example.  We also talk about things like self-esteem, respecting others and yourself, and personal hygiene through making things like soap and deodorant.

For more information on YOUth Create, or to inquire about volunteer opportunities, please contact the Director of Youth Services, Sarah Bird, at